About Me

I go by Amanti, Italian for “lovers”, as it is in the Divine union of the lovers that I feel potential for true Planetary Consciousness healing, shifting, remembering.  

Love guides me in all I do. Combining tantric practices & principles, with yoga, mindfulness, somatic healing, ecosexuality, & the art of compassionate communication, I work with the art of “Sensual Awakening”.

This is my calling. This is my art.

I’ve played with sensuality since I was a child & have explored many realms of love, dancing through non-monogamous relationships, nurturing children & tending the earth. I see love in all beings & know that all beings have a deep need for nurturing love & intimate connection. This Earth has unlimited healing abundance & it’s right at our fingertips. We just need to relax into it.

I want to help you do that.

I am trained in the practice of Hatha Yoga, have done extensive work with Compassionate Communication, and continuously explore Tantra, BDSM, various forms of embodiment, and the art of sexual healing.

I enjoy playing with what this life has to offer us, cultivating a life of exploration, openness, and gratitude. I see potential for every breath to bring us to orgasm, uniting us with Source.

Our bodies are a magnificent gift. Connecting to them & our planet through mindful embodiment creates true awakening.


Vision & Mission

To live in a world that operates on our greatest collective potential of embodiment, including how we presence erotic consciousness in connection with our great planetary paradise and the healing of our human hearts and intimate connections. To support people of all genders, and our culture as a whole to activate our life energy power and potential as a healing force in these times.

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