Sensual Awakenings

For ALL BODIES, all genders, and all sexual orientations

Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit with Eros…

Nurture yourself and dive deeper into the intimacy of human existence through embodiment and healing touch. Develop tools to take with you into your daily life.

Sensual Awakenings are open to clients by invitation only. Filling out an Intake Form and completing an Introductory Intimacy Session with me are mandatory prerequisites to Sensual Awakenings. Once you have completed both of these prerequisites I will determine if you are a good fit for continuing on to Sensual Awakenings.

I offer Sensual Awakenings to clients committed to personal growth, thus these sessions are available in series packages only. I offer 3, 6, or 12 month options.


Connect with the depths of the Divine through an experience of Sensual Awakening

Using Yogic Breath work, Embodiment practices, Compassionate Communication, Intimacy Skills, Somatic Healing, and connection to the Earth Goddess, we will connect with our true Divine Nature.  As we see the perfection in all we are, we allow ourselves to open up to a more Orgasmic Life, a more Orgasmic Body.  Moving through past wounds and into a life of safe, strong connections of Love.  Embody your Empowered self so that you may show up in the world with the presence you desire.


Wake up each cell of your being and begin to taste more of Life

Through tantalizing touch I ask each cell in you to become more awake, more alive. Bringing the gifts of a mother’s touch and the powers of the Fierce Feminine, I will meet you with whatever medicine is best in the moment. The Goddess may come through dominant and strong, gentle and nurturing, all of these, or somewhere in between.  Source flows through me so that I may be a conduit for your healing.  I will see you and the gem that you are, and offer a sweet reflection of your own Divine Being.  Come, sit, snuggle, surrender.


Relax and open to your inner sensual being; unleash your true desires

By creating a safe container, you have the freedom to explore your true sexual self.  Enjoy your erotic you, and connect with your deepest desires… free of shame and guilt.  Spirit holds you in all you are, without judgement in this sacred container.

I believe that much of the struggles around sexuality today are caused by the oppression of our natural, wild nature. I give you a space where that feral self can explore what it has to offer.  We will befriend it and see what gifts it brings that will nourish your life.


Create an erotic practice to bring you more in touch with your divine self

In our time together, we will find the take home practice that is right for you.  By tasting new realms of your sensual self, you will find a self within you that will be exciting to play with.  I encourage my clients to cultivate a self love practice that is fun and delicious.

 I look forward to hearing what you have explored on your own between each session.



These sessions are focused around the client relaxing into a state of bliss and connecting to the divine nurturing love.  I am in the “giver” role and the client is to let go of control and just receive.  I allow limited touch of my body with CONSENT, but that is not the focus of these sessions. Consent is sexy and necessary!

I customize these experiential offerings for you with pre planning based on client intake and needs, as well as intuitive facilitation based on where our energies align for deep healing in the moment.  This approach creates dynamic, life changing experiences.

I prefer to work with folks who show a sincere willingness to be open and vulnerable in the booking process. The more you offer me, the more I can offer you.

I will consider booking a Sensual Awakening Session for you once your intake form and Introductory Intimacy Session are complete.

It is best for me to have a weeks notice to set up a session time.

Click here to fill out the intake form. 

I look forward to nurturing, guiding & supporting you on this ecstatic Sacred Journey