My Clients

~ Tantra is not ordinary indulgence, it is extraordinary indulgence, because it indulges in existence itself ~ Osho

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These sessions are right for you if you would benefit from..

Experiencing Intimate Heart Union

Opening up to a more Orgasmic Life, a more Orgasmic Body

Moving through past wounds and into a life of safe, strong connections of Love

Activating your being and beginning to taste more of Life 

Relaxing and opening to your inner sensual being; connecting with your true desires

Receiving healing touch

Claiming your empowered self

Learning and growing to become the lover you wish to be

Manifesting the relationships you deserve

Creating a self love practice to bring you more in touch with your divine self

Relaxing, receiving & reconnecting

Being held in a strong, safe container

Surrendering without giving in return

Practicing communicating your needs

Healing sexual &/or womb trauma

Shifting from victim to survivor

Activating your voice

Claiming your sexuality to express what YOU want

Receiving reflections of the Divine within you

Connecting with your infinite wisdom & love

Exploring & expressing your archetypes

Remembering your beauty, brilliance & strength

Engaging your orgasmic potential

Activating your pleasure body

Learning orgasm-enhancing techniques

Feeling the support of another heart

Tasting more of the beauty of life

Claiming your joy & shining your light