My Clients

~ Tantra is not ordinary indulgence, it is extraordinary indulgence, because it indulges in existence itself ~ Osho

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These sessions are right for you if you would benefit from..

Experiencing Intimate Heart Union

Opening up to a more Orgasmic Life, a more Orgasmic Body

Moving through past wounds and into a life of safe, strong connections of Love

Activating your being and beginning to taste more of Life 

Relaxing and opening to your inner sensual being; unleashing your true desires

Receiving healing bodywork

Claiming your erotic self

Learning and growing to become the lover you wish to be

Manifesting the relationships you deserve

Creating an erotic practice to bring you more in touch with your divine self

Relaxing, receiving & reconnecting

Being held in a strong, safe container

Surrendering without giving in return

Practicing communicating your needs

Healing sexual &/or womb trauma

Shifting from victim to empowerment mindset

Activating your voice

Claiming your sexuality to express what YOU want

Receiving reflections of the Divine within you

Connecting with your infinite wisdom & love

Exploring & expressing your archetypes

Remembering your beauty, brilliance & strength

Engaging your orgasmic potential

Activating your pleasure body

Learning orgasm-enhancing techniques

Engaging your empowered path

Feeling the support of another heart

Tasting more of the beauty of life

Claiming your joy & shining your light

~ Tantra is to worship the Goddess. It is through her that we are all born. And it is through this body that we are all liberated. ~ R. Khasla