See what clients have had to say...

"Amanti – Thank you for the wonderful ambiance and session – your presence and connection with me helped me open fully to the ecstatic experience in my body.  The breath work, the exercises and the sacred touch exploration were incredible – the session was just what I had hoped for and needed. Thank you very much"

- L. B. (Sensual Awakening Session)


“My session with Amanti brought me into a deeper relationship with my own sensual nature. It created a stronger connection between my heart and my kinky desires. I felt seen and held within a safe and healing environment”

-M.V. (Kink Play Session)

"I don't know what it is about her exactly, but when Amanti works with me I sink into a state of incredibly blissful deep relaxation. Her touch is amazing, it's like she takes all the pain in my body away."

- N. S. (Sensual Awakening Session)


"I want to thank both of you for your healing energy.  The session was one of the top expierences I have ever felt.  I love the attention to detail. I will be scheduling again soon!"

- N.A. (Double Practitioner Session)


"I really appreciate the space Amanti held for me.  I was able to open into a big experience because of that.  I felt held and attended to, awakened and energized by your touch and care.  I liked the interplay of imagery and sensual touch, it was very effective at opening me wholly.  I loved the way my sounds and breath were encouraged and amplified by your sounds and breath. Thank you so much."

-N.M. (Sensual Awakening Session)