Immersion retreats

Leave The World & Enter The Temple…

Amanti and Hannah have a beautiful temple in Black Mountain, North Carolina, where they love to invite individuals to come and dive into a personalized Tantric Immersion Retreats.

Join us in the warm comfort of our temple space as we dive into this sensual experience together. We will prepare nutritious meals for you, share session space, and even take you out on the town, deep into the nature, and to sacred healing waters where you can be free to rediscover your essential self and divine nature.

Choose to work with one practitioner or two. Incorporate a private yoga class, a wilderness waterfall hike and picnic, dining out at a local restaurant, adventures to Hot Springs Resort and Spa, and more.

Full-Day Private Immersion with Amanti-

This is a sample outline for a Full-day Immersion, which includes a private session, picnic and hiking adventure, dinner on the town, and cuddles. This can be edited to fit your needs. All expenses included.

Schedule: [10am- 8pm]

  • 3 hour Sensual Awakening Session

  • Hike & Picnic

  • Dinner on the town

  • 1hr Cuddle Therapy Session

*Visiting from out of town? Ask about options for accommodations

One-night Basic Retreat with Amanti-

This is a sample outline for a Basic Single-Practitioner Retreat with Amanti, which includes one nights' stay, two private sessions, all meals included, morning yoga, hiking and a picnic.

The total donation for this program is $2,300 with food, lodging and all expenses included.

You will have a private room in our temple to sleep in. This space is used as an airbnb when not in use for immersion retreats, you can view the space via this link…

Day 1

  • 2 hour Sensual Awakening Session

  • Dinner with Amanti

  • Overnight Stay

Day 2

  • Morning Yoga & Meditation

  • Breakfast

  • 2 hour Session w/ Amanti [this could be erotic yoga, cuddles, ritual bdsm, life/relationship coaching, sensual awakening, or a blend of these]

  • Hike & Picnic

Two-night Deluxe Retreat with Hannah & Amanti -

This is a sample outline for a Deluxe Dual Practitioner Retreat, which includes two nights' stay, all meals included, morning yoga, hiking, sessions with myself and with Hannah, and an adventure for all of us out to Hot Springs.

The total donation for this program is $3,600 with food, lodging and all expenses included. Details can be adjusted to fit your needs.

Day 1

  • 2hr Intro Session w/ Amanti

  • Overnight Stay

Day 2

  • Morning Yoga w/ Amanti

  • Breakfast

  • 3hr Session with Amanti

  • Lunch & Siesta

  • 2hr Hot Springs Adventure with Hannah & Amanti

  • Dinner on the town with Hannah and Amanti

  • Overnight Stay

Day 3

  • Morning Yoga & Meditation w/ Hannah

  • Breakfast

  • 2hr Dual Practitioner Session with Hannah & Amanti

  • Hike & Picnic

Let me know what appeals to you. If you'd like to request other experiences that aren't listed here, let me know your budget and desired experiences and I'll be happy to create a custom immersion for you.

Some options for additional experiences:


-Nurturing bedtime tuck in with song and gentle touch

-Body altar creation and photo shoot

-Foot bath

-Nutritional coaching

-Guided fantasy meditation

-Other [male or female] practitioners for multiple practitioner sessions

~Clients must have had at least one session (either video or in-person) with me before booking an immersion retreat

**My boundaries are the same during immersions as they are during any other session. At the end of each day we go to our separate spaces, I do not offer all night cuddles.