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A Tantric Healing Artist whose passion draws from a deep connection with the natural world and all things magical. As a writer, environmental activist, energy healer and priestess of Gaia, Hannah’s spiritual practice is rooted in Conscious Sexuality and Sacred Embodiment. Through Temple Gaia, Hannah fulfills her mission to help individuals connect with their own essential nature by initiating and activating the sacred body temple, unlocking primal energy, and grounding in with the Earth. Hannah shares Healing Sessions, Sensual Empowerment Coaching and Ritual Workshops to support others in deepening their relationship with their vital life-force energy, expanding the capacity to be Conscious Creators in the here and now. She offers intuitive guidance, practical tools and a sacred container to explore Sex Magic with the intention to heal ancestral wounds, connect more deeply with nature, protect and restore our environment, and birth the New Earth for future generations.

Amanti & Hannah

Together Amanti and Hannah bring a beautiful balance of Yin and Yang. Weaving the ethereal goddess ways with earth rooted feminine wisdom. The years of practice that they each hold come together to form otherworldly experiences. Working with these two is truly life changing. If you are ready to take a deep dive into your pleasure world and recharge your intimate life, then consider spending a whole day, or even two, with these powerful practitioners in an immersion retreat at their temple space in Black Mountain, NC.

You can learn more about Immersion Retreats with Amanti and Hannah HERE



A physical representation of the masculine and feminine collaborating to create beauty. Amanti and Bowie specialize in primal play. Both naturally gender fluid beings, they help open all parts of you and encourage the fullness of your spirit to shine. Allow yourself to be fully seen in the presence of these two incredibly accepting and loving practitioners, or simply relax and let go as their skilled touch nourishes and nurtures your body.

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Embodying 15 years experience as an educator, practitioner, and facilitator of topics and modalities ranging from yoga, tantra, somatic arts, shamanic ceremony, massage, therapeutic dance, herbalism, ecology, permaculture, play as healing, environmental science, and science based nutritional healing.