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15 years experience as an educator, practitioner, and facilitator of topics and modalities ranging from yoga, tantra, somatic arts, shamanic ceremony, massage, therapeutic dance, herbalism, ecology, permaculture, play as healing, environmental science, and science based nutritional healing.

Bowie's Sessions for Individuals

~Experiential and/or Educational Sessions~

• Intimacy Coaching: pleasure enhancement, communication tools, trauma release, healing play.

• Male pleasure and sexual identity support.

• Tantra: yoga, energy channeling, breath work, devotional practices.

• Somatic Healing Arts: Erotic dance, primal play, contact improv, therapeutic sparring, ecstatic release.

• Nutritional vitality & lifestyle coaching for enhancing erotic/spiritual empowerment.

• Deep tissue therapeutic massage

• Hands-On Ceremony: conscious kink, therapeutic power play, sensory play, fetish, shamanism.

• Cuddling

• Eco-sexuality and deep ecology.

To book a session with Bowie, or with both Bowie and Amanti, please message us Here with a short intro paragraph about yourself, including which offering(s) you are interested in, and a phone number to contact you at. Once we receive this message we will be in touch to set up an intake phone call.